About Sugar & Sloth

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Cute Things for Nice People

Hi I’m Anita, the illustrator and designer behind Sugar & Sloth.

I run this rainbow coloured lifestyle brand to promote positivity and empowerment through a range of cute as hell clothing & accessories.

Sugar & Sloth focuses on my core values, such as a love for animals, mental health awareness, feminism and LGBT rights (basically all things are good and lovely in the world).

I’ve also rid my business of single use plastics and banned all plastic packaging.

It is of the utmost importance to me to provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service, I want every single customer to jump for joy when they receive their order, and on the very rare occasion there is a problem I do everything I can to sort it out asap.

I believe in only supplying products of a lovely quality and being completely open and honest with my customers. Maybe even too honest when I overshare on my Insta Stories!

I started Sugar & Sloth in 2015, each design starts life as a hand drawn sketch in one of my hundreds of scrappy notebooks. Then I scan and re-work my designs into the digital balls of cute and sparkle you see covering my products. I am on a mission to fill the world with more adorably inappropriate animals and sassy cuteness.

Sugar & Sloth has been seen in Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post and Design Taxi. As well as my online shop we have a range of carefully selected stockists throughout the UK and Europe.

Sugar & Sloth is based on these three principles:

Exceptional customer service

I am here to answer any questions as quickly as possible and deliver an amazing customer experience. I value each and every one of our customers, large and small.


Every item that leaves the studio must meet my very high quality control standards.

Hilarious, cute and unique design

If I'm not so proud of a new design that we want to shout it from the roof tops, then it will never see the light of day!


If you are interested in stocking Sugar & Sloth products visit my wholesale page or email hello@sugarandsloth.co.uk