About Sugar & Sloth

✨ About Sugar & Sloth ✨

Hello, I’m Anita from Sugar & Sloth. I am made of anxiety and glitter, and I have an unhealthy obsession with frogs.

I started creating characters as an escape from being miserable and crying in the toilets every day at my corporate job. My mental health was low, and expressing myself through chubby little cats & sloths helped a lot. As I started sharing my art I realised it could help others too.

I started spending every spare minute on growing Sugar & Sloth, staying up till 2 or 3 in the morning packing orders, then hiding them under my desk at work until I could sneak to the Post Office at lunchtime. I’m so thankful that the business has grown allowing me to leave that job, and hire a small team too.

My mission is to promote positivity and empowerment through a range of cute as hell artwork and accessories. Sugar & Sloth makes mental health relatable, letting you know you’re not alone.

We have a monthly box of pins, stationery & joy, filled with adorable designs. Our box; Tiny Hug Club is for anyone who needs a little extra joy in their lives, it’s like your birthday, every month!

We also have a free Happy Text Club, sending you positive vibes when you need them the most, a warm & fluffy Facebook Community, and a shop of delights.

I believe in only supplying products of lovely quality and being completely open and honest with my customers. Maybe even too honest when I overshare on my Insta Stories!

But don't just take my word for how lovely Sugar & Sloth is, check out our awards and press features.

Love & hugs, Anita x

Favourite Animal: Frogs
Favourite Snack: Salt and Vinegar Squares
Secret Celeb crush: Adelaide Kane. All Frogs

Anita Perry Artist

✨ Meet the Team ✨

Holly - Bestie Happiness Queen

Got a question?
Pow! That's Holly with the answer, and if you're lucky she might even include a photo of Pippin her floofball of a hamster.

Need to amend your order?
Swoosh! That's Holly to the rescue!

Need a recipe recommendation for that leftover hummus in your fridge?
Well, actually no, sorry, we can't help with that. But if you have any ideas please send them to us!

Favourite Animal: Chameleon
Secret Celeb crush: Ron Weasley
Favourite Snack: All of them!

Sugar & Sloth
Sugar & Sloth

Sophie - Order Ninja

Sophie is our secret weapon!

Watching her pack up your goodies or fold your jumpers like watching an Olympic sport, if the Olympics involved tissue paper or stickers. Which I really think it should!

Anyway Sophie is amazing, watch out for a 'Packed by Sophie' sticker on your next order!

Favourite Animal: Bees
Favourite Snack: Reese's peanut butter cups

Jen - Tiny Party Club Champion

Pow, Zap, kerplunk!

Is that the sound of Bruce Lee beating up the bad guys?

Nope, it's something even more awesome, the sound of Tiny Party Club boxes being packed, and lovingly sprinkled with confetti!

If you're part of the monthly subscription club chances are Jen has created your box.

Favourite Animal: Her ginger kittie-cat Cookie
Favourite Snack: Kinder Bueno
Secret Celeb Crush: Sir Alan Sugar

Sugar & Sloth
Sugar & Sloth

Marge - Was here when we moved in

Chews loudly.
Do not lend her your pen.
Eats ALL the biscuits.
Overuses the phrase "As per my last email".

Favourite Animal: Dislikes animals, once had a bad experience with a gerbil
Favourite Snack: 350gsm uncoated cardstock
Secret Celeb Crush: The stapler in the jelly (Most known for their appearance in the UK Office)