Art for Australia

I’m sure we can all agree the Australian fires are devastating, our heart goes out to all those affected and the heroes still fighting fires daily.

Together we can make a greater difference so we’ve joined together as a group of 4 artists. Sadly we don’t know how to stop a fire or re-build a habitat, but we know how to draw.

We’ve created this set of 4 Art Prints with a focus on hope.

100% of the profit from these prints will be split between WIRES (The Australian Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) in New South Wales, and Wildlife Victoria, in Victoria. You can find out more information about both organisations below.

The Artwork

art for australia

A set of 4 limited edition art prints

All profits go to the fighting the Australian Bush Fires.

Put Your Hands in the Air - by Veronica Dearly

Hope is Passion - by Liz Harry

P-P-P-PLATYPUS - by Katie Bokan

Put the Kettle On - by Anita Perry

These prints are now avaible to pre-order and will ship between 16th – 20th February.

You will recieve one of each A5 (210 x 148 mm) print. The artwork is printed on a high quality 300gsm tactile paper with a fine-lined texture on both sides.

The Artists

Veronica Dearly

Veronica Dearly

Veronica is an illustrator based near London. She has this amazing super power of reaching into your soul, pulling out what you were thinking deep down, that you thought nobody else was thinking, and hand lettering it into a beautiful quote!

Please go check out her website, you won’t regret it.

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Liz Harry Artist

Liz Harry

Liz is a freelance designer and illustrator currently drawing in Liverpool town. Liz is Queen of all things colourful, like dressing up as a Christmas tree and creating beautifully lettered artwork.

She also has a kickstarter running right now, please check it out.

Liz on Kickstarter
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Katie Bokan

Katie Bokan

Katie is an American artist living in Dubai, which results in me emailing her at 3am. She is very nice and has yet to complain about this. I am very jealous of her amazing hair.

Katie enjoys travel and drawing sexy bugs, and is proud mother to the world’s best dressed pupper, Phyllis!

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Anita Perry UK artist

Anita Perry

Anita is a UK artist who is very good at writing about herself in the third person. I bet you can’t even tell it’s me.

OK, so what will make make seem cool and interesting? Erm, I often forget to put washing on, which results in some very odd outfits but It doesn’t really matter because I almost always wear a huge dressing gown!

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More About WIRES

The New South Wales-based Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc., Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization, is accepting donations to fund the rescue and care of animals affected by the fires. In December, WIRES received more than 20,000 calls and volunteers attended more than 3,300 rescues, according to the organization’s website. All animal rescuers are volunteers.

More About Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service is invaluable, giving the public somewhere to call every time they find a distressed sick, injured or orphaned native animal. We are here to make sure our precious native animal’s welfare needs are matched with the volunteer service most appropriate; be that a rescuer, transporter, carer, vet, or other specialist.

Thank you so much for being here, and taking an interest in our cause. If you’d like to purchase a print set you can do so here. If you have any questions at all please drop an email to