Coping with anxiety around Coronavirus

Ooh, the news is a bit scary at the moment isn't it? It's normal to feel anxiety around what we're being shown 24/7 on our screens.

If you are feeling poorly, here is the official advice from the NHS, please don't follow advice from non official sites or Facebook posts, there is a lot of misinformation going around at the moment.

If you're feeling healthy please don't underestimate your power to keep yourself safe.

Dealing with anxiety and coronavirus

Here are some things you can do to ease your anxiety right now

Wash your hands

Don’t underestimate your power protect yourself and others by practising good hand hygiene.

Don’t fixate on the news

Check a reputable news for important updates no more than once a day. Stay away from other news.

Stay in touch

DM buddies, share memes, phone a friend.

Help Others

Helping is a great way to reduce anxiety, when you are actively working to make things better, even if it's a tiny way, you will start to feel more positive. Are you able to offer help to friends or neighbours who might be struggling, is there a local volunteer group?
You might be stuck inside and unable to help, so send a letter or a text to a loved one to let them know you're thinking of them.

Eat snacks and cuddle pets

Pop on your favourite show and snuggle down.

Would you like some more reassurance?

Here's are some reasons why Coronavirus may not be as scary as you think.
You can also share worries in the Bestie Facebook group.
Search the group for Elizabeth Norton, who has been amazing in providing calm and sensible advice.

Living with anxiety is a strength not a weakness

Living with anxiety is a strength, not a weakness. It just might not feel like it all the time, but you deal with everything everyone else deals with, AND you deal with your anxiety. You're strong AF!