Please DON’T support my small business

Please don’t support my small business.

Please don’t buy from me because I’m a small business. No, I haven’t been hacked. Watch my video, or read on below to find out why.

I want you to buy from me because when you tweeted that you lost your favourite Sugar & Sloth pin, and I sent you a surprise replacement in the post.

Because you like wearing things only a few other people around the world own, and a heart and soul went into designing.

Because YOU are my top priority, not shareholders or some other bullshit. I will always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy.

I want you to buy from me because I will answer your emails at 11pm at night – ok, not always – but often 🙂

I want you to buy from me because we chat about how cute your cat looks on the internet.

Because I am a real human who cares a MASSIVE amount about every single order, even if it’s just for one single card.

That is why I like shopping with Indie Businesses and that’s why I want you to shop with me.

There should be no entitlement from me that you “should” support me because I am a small business, only me constantly giving above & beyond value and customer service so that you WANT to shop with me.

And if I don’t consistently give you better service than larger chains, then no, I don’t deserve you to shop with me.

My things are not the cheapest, so if that’s what you want then that’s cool, my work probably isn’t right for you. I hope we can still be friends and chat about cats.

So please don’t buy from me because it will make me do a happy dance (it will by the way) but buy from me because when your order arrives YOU will do a happy dance.

Love, Anita x