Holly Reviews Mother’s Day Goodies

Hi Besties, it's Holly here 🙂

As the only mum on the Sugar and Sloth team, Anita has given me the very lovely job of testing some of the Mother's Day goodies.

It was one of the better Wednesdays I've had, when Anita handed me a bundle of lovely things to try out. That evening, I was even more excited than usual to get the kids to bed, knowing I had a parcel of joy waiting for me.

Once I'd wrestled them into their pjs, read the millionth bedtime story, and checked under the bed at least 7 times for monsters (by which point I was scarier than anything that could be found lurking among the odd socks and dust bunnies) I finally got a chance to put my feet up and open my parcel.

Lovely Mum mug

First up was the Lovely Mum Panda mug, designed for coffee and hot chocolate, but destined this evening for wine.

I love this mug, it's so cute, just like all Sugar and Sloth mugs. And who wouldn't want to be told that they're a cherry on top of a giant milkshake of loveliness?

Mother's Day gift set

Whilst sipping my wine, I opened up my Mother's Day Self-Care gift box. It's so full of lovely goodies, from the adorable Sloth of Self-Care enamel pin, to the choice of cute and funny cards, Anita really has thought of everything.

Mother's Day Mask and Mug

I popped the eye mask on, attached the super cute enamel pin to my dressing gown, ticked off how many cups of water I'd had that day (making sure to count the mug of wine, of course) and added the lovely keyring to my keys.

I was just about to grab another of my fav Sugar and Sloth mugs to try out the Bird & Blend teabag, when "...I want my MUMMY!" Right on cue, my littlest had had a bad dream. Not wanting to scare her any more by turning up in her room looking like an actual baddie, I quickly removed the eye mask, rubbed the serum into the bags under my eyes, glugged the rest of my wine and headed up the stairs.

Sparkly Super Mum enamel pin

The beauty of all these goodies is, unlike me, you don't have to attempt to use them all at once. If you're in the depths of nappies, school runs, exam prep, or whatever stage of motherhood you find yourself in, and can only find the odd minute here or there for a bit of self care, these wonderfully thought through items are perfect.

Grab the Super Mum notepad to give the illusion of being amazingly organised, make a yummy, soothing cup of tea, use the keyring and enamel pin as a cute reminder that you're an AMAZING mum and have totally got this, or put your feet up and pop your eye mask on.

Now all that's left to do is to drop some not so subtle hints to your kids/partner/bestie/self that all you really want for Mother's Day are chonky cuties, cross your fingers and wait for Sunday 🙂

Super Mum notepad