June Tiny Party Club Subscription Box Unboxing – Trash Panda Gang

Hi Besties!
Here's what's inside the June Tiny Party Club Subscription box, let's take a peek!
Trash Panda Gang what is such a fun theme to design for, what with all the round cutie raccoons, and some bonus pandas, just for luck!

This pen and stationery box is extra special, as we have a brand-new item there is never been in a tiny party club box before! I love it when you guys request items, please feel free to always do this in the Facebook group, or by dropping me an email.

Even if it's something we can't accommodate right away, it goes on the idea List for the future.
Thank you as well for voting for this thing in the Facebook group monthly theme poll. I was so excited when it came out top, remember you can always add your own theme ideas as well.

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