Let’s talk about hopes & dreams ✨

The other day I asked my Instagram community to DM me with their secret hopes & dreams, those scary ones that are almost too big admit to yourself, and there were some great ones.

But there were also some people who felt it was too late for them to achieve their dreams, and that made me a bit sad. I can relate, sometimes I get really anxious that I haven’t even crossed one item off my daily to-do list, let alone worked towards my big goals.

But let’s remember that if you’re in your 30’s or 40’s you still have another 40 years to live (most likely more) – and that’s absolutely ages, like, SO MUCH TIME!
So stop panicking, stop beating yourself up, stop thinking it’s too late. You have time, I promise.

I shared some of your responses, and my own BIG goals too in this video.

I’d love to hear your biggest goal, drop a comment down below, or contact me if you’d prefer it to stay private 🙂