Meet Holly!

I finally admitted I need help!

As I type this Holly is patiently packing up your Tiny party Club boxes, I'm so thankful she has joined me at Sugar & Sloth!

Holly had a secret crush on Ron Weasley, which I'm definitely not supposed to mention on the blog, but more importantly she makes a bloody good cup of tea.

Going forward a lot of your Tiny Party Boxes & orders will be packed up by the lovely Holly, get to know her a little bit here...

Holly Favs

Colour: Pink
Season: Autumn
Holiday / Festival: Christmas
Author: J K Rowling
Song: Mr Blue Sky
Holiday Destination: Bluestone, Wales
Cold Drink: Iced Coffee
Fruit: A REALLY good apple
Ice Cream Flavour: Cookie Dough or Peanut Butter
Snack: All of them!
Animal: Chameleon or elephant
Game: Zelda