So I’m not invited to the Royal Wedding then

When I was a small child I wanted to be a fighter pilot, and I didn't let a little thing like being terrified of flying put me off, aren't kids stupid?

As I got older I came to the realisation that I might need a back up plan, plus my teachers always told me that an art degree gets you nowhere. I figured if life goes belly up I can always marry one of the Windsor boys and swan around being a princess and playing with corgis.

Well, not any more. Thanks a lot Meghan!

I'll be honest, I've lost a little sight of where this rant was headed, I think the point was I will be using May's Pin Party Subscription Box to console myself, it was definitely something like that anyway.

Maybe we should move on...

The May theme is Kawaii Tea Party, and it's even better than some posh wedding caus you can party in your dressing gown (or dinosaur onesie, please wear a dinosaur onesie!).

pin party subscription box

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