The Bestie Halloween Party Bingo!

Let’s play Spooky Bingo!

You’re invited to our very own online Bestie Halloween Party (taking place at 8pm UK time on Thursday 28th October 2019) right here – Sugar & Sloth Besties Facebook group AND on Instagram live.

Download the bingo card here.

To join in print the Spooky Bingo fill out this card and fill out each square with one of the spooky words.
Make sure to use every word.

If you don’t have a printer don’t worry, just grab a piece of paper and draw the grid, then fill out all the words.

Please fill out two cards, as we will play two rounds of Bingo!

You can also use these card to play your own Sugar & Sloth bingo at home, simply print out a card for each guest and fill them in, then cut out the Sugar & Sloth words and draw them out of a hat, one at a time. The first player to mark off a line of words wins! Make sure you have some fun prizes ready!

Download the bingo card here.

Spooky Halloween Bingo