The Scared Entrepreneur Podcast

I made a podcast!

The Scared Entrepreneur podcast is all about my business journey, what I’ve learned in the first 5 years of growing my business, and interviewing other small business owners so we can learn together from them.

If you’ve just started or are thinking of starting your own small business then this is for you. In episode 1 I tell you the story of how I started Sugar & Sloth. It actually all started as a market stall called Kittens & Cake. And how I finally plucked up the courage to quite my day job.

I’ve just hit publish on episode 2, where I talk about branding – why you don’t need a logo anymore, and how selling on Etsy could be hurting your brand.

If you’d like to hear an episode on a certain topic, or have any questions you’d like discussed, please drop me an email at

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, or right here.

the scared entrepreneur podcast with Anita Perry