The Sloth of Self-Care

You're busy being nice to everyone else, are you remembering to be nice to yourself?

Just in case you forgot this week, here’s a few things to try next week:

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

You’re doing your best, and that’s massive, don’t forget you deserve some time to rest too. If you’re anything like me you’ll feel the pressure of a super urgent to-do list a mile long (and oh god, I can’t actually remember the last time I changed my bed sheets - ew)
But if we don’t take time to chill the f**k out, well, then life won’t be much fun at all!

The sloth of self care

2. Do something silly

A finger-painting? Making Rice Crispy cakes? Think of something you loved to do when you were a child and plan it for this week.

3. Create a space just for you

Add some pillows and a fluffy blanket to that chair and make it your cosy reading corner. If you love a long uninterrupted bath, some pretty tea lights and glittery bubble bath with make your bathroom a little more special. Whatever works for you, make sure you have a little place to relax.

4. Celebrate the small things, hell, celebrate the tiny things

Did a food shop, washed your clothes or nurtured a relationship today? Give yourself a massive pat on the back!

Self care cat