What makes anxiety worse and should you see a doctor?

Ew anxiety. Everyone has it to a certain extent, but sometimes it just gets too much right?

Here are some things to watch out for that make anxiety worse, if you can limit or reduce these it may help you a ton.

If anxiety is getting in the way of your normal life you should think about seeing a doctor. Unfortunately anxiety suffers often get major anxiety around making appointments, ironic right?! To help alleviate some of your anxiety around seeing a doctor I've made a video on exactly what happened when I went to see a doctor for anxiety, you'll find it at the bottom of this page.

5 Things that make Anxiety worse

1. Saying yes to too many things.

Do you feel guilty for saying no? It's your right to safeguard your time and make sure you have enough left over to re-charge. It's hard, but try not to feel guilty for saying no to things you know will cause you anxiety, the people asking normally have no idea it would cause you stress. And remember you don't always have to give a reason. "I'm sorry, I can't" is a full sentence.

2. Negative News

So basically ANY of the news on telly or in the papers. There are positive things happening the world, but it doesn't sell as many papers as telling us the world is going to end. Stay away from it.

3. Coffee.

Damn, I live for coffee. I'm making an effort to replace some of my daily caffeine hits with green or herbal tea, it grows on you, honest!

4. Not enough sleep

You know who you are! I will rarely go to bed before 12, I need to work on this! Sleep gives the body's neurons a chance to shut down and repair themselves (so Google tells me). Without enough sleep the body has to work overtime and we can get stressed much more easily.

5. Bad Social Media Habits

Stop following accounts that don't make you happy on social media. That girl you went to school with who now has the perfect Insta life, we ain't got no time for that. And that fashion account that only ever posts one body type, nope, no time for that either. Only follow and friend people and accounts that fill your feed with positivity.

What else makes anxiety worse? I'd love to hear your top tip on what to avoid.