Who Made Your Clothes? Fighting back against Fast Fashion.

Creating clothing is not something I have entered into lightly, I’m all too aware of the dangers of fast, unsustainable fashion and was determined not to be a part of the problem.
After a LOT of research I have chosen to work with Continental Clothing.

Their Earth Positive range has won awards for being “The most progressive sustainable clothing on earth”.

This means all my t-shirts are manufactured in a carbon neutral factory, workers are paid a fair wage approved by the Fairwear Foundation, and only use organic cotton. Oh and they are approved by Peta (it was super important to me that they are vegan, of course! ?).

ethical fashion cute t-shirts by sugar & sloth

As a super small business (just me!) I only order small batches, just enough to sell out, so there are no piles of waste clothing to ditch at the end of a season, and high quality production and organic cotton means your tees will last you a long time.
Yes, I could get these tees made for a third of the price, or less, and I won’t lie, it was tempting, but that wouldn’t be the right thing to do, for you guys or the planet.
My higher costs means I can’t sell these tees wholesale, you can only get them directly from me, but cutting out wholesale means I can still sell them affordably to you, so win, win right?

ethical fashion cute t-shirts by sugar & sloth

As ethical fashion is becoming a bit of a trend (yay) I have noticed some brands being a bit sneaky and using the buzz words without actually making changes to their manufacturing. It’s pretty hard for us customers to actually know what’s going on unless brands are transparent.

One of the great things to look out for is the Fairwear Foundation logo proudly displayed. Ethical manufacturing costs more, so unless brands are talking about it, chances are they aren’t doing much about it. I don’t want to be a dick but if if little old me can chose to do the right thing, then the big guys have no excuse ?‍♀️

Not a lot will change until we start to demand it!

? Love ya! x

PS Peek the cute yet ethical tees here