Why it’s ok to cry

Yup, not only is it ok to ugly cry, it’s actually a good thing. So let’s unpack the shame around all that runny mascara and let those sobs out.

I am super prone to crying, not just when I’m upset, but when I’m frustrated, angry, confused or overwhelmed too. Here’s why that’s ok.

1. Crying is actually good for you, as proven by science. Tears can work as a natural painkiller, and disinfectant too.

2. Crying gets rid of cortisol (the stress hormone) so we are not just leaking H20, we’re leaking out actual stress.

3. Crying about something in particular is your bodies way of letting you know how much this situation is affecting you. This is a clear sign you need to change your situation or take time out to grief before you can begin to move on.

4. Crying is the release of emotions, and as we all know bottling things up just leads to more expensive therapy later on.

5. It’s strong to show vulnerability.  We have been told over and over again that crying is weak and unprofessional. But in fact it takes a strong person to show emotion, and emotions do not have a gender.

6. I could add a million more reasons,  but who cares what me, science or anyone else things, do whatever the hell makes you feel better. Cry, scream, laugh uncontrollably, anyone who will judge you for having emotions is not worth your time.

why it's ok to cry

Just so you know you’re not alone, here are some very public places I have cried (there are many more, but I know you don’t have all day):

  • The Tesco cereal aisle (could not find the Rice Krispies and why the hell are those lights so bright?!).
  • During a water aerobics class in a (turns out this one is great because with all that water and no one can tell)
  • In a revolving door (not a great place as it turns out clear vision is quite important when trying to exit said door).

Where have you let all hang out, snot trails and all?

Hugs and rainbows!
Anita x