Sugar & Sloth Pin Party Box

An adorable party box of joy delivered to your door every month. Each pin party will have a different party theme and contain:

  • A deluxe hard enamel pin in a never-seen-before design
  • A 38mm button badge to brighten up coats and bags
  • A 70mm sticker – because everyone loves stickers!

The very first Pin Party subscription party box will be sent out to all subscribers in February. It will include a surprise hard enamel pin and cute button badge based on the February theme of Duvet Day.

Each party box will have a different theme, and suggestions are welcome – get in touch with me on social media @sugarandsloth!

Basically, if you like cute and quirky accessories then this party box will make you do a little happy dance every month!


A Happy Dance Every Month!

Eeek, I’m so excited to send out the very first Pin Party Box! Keeping the designs a secret is soooo difficult!

UK Pin Party Box with free shipping – £8 per month

International Pin Party Box with free shipping – £12 per month


Here’s the important stuff

Subscriptions will be open the month before, and Pin Party boxes will be sent out around the first week of each month.

Free Shipping

Shipping is included in the price of your party bag, if you are purchasing from outside the UK please select the International subscription option.

Cancel your subscription anytime

Payment is taken every monthly and you can cancel at any time. If you would like to cancel please email You can also cancel your supscription directly with Paypal, but it would really help me out if you let me know too, I’m just a one lady band – thank you!

What if I hate surprises?

If you don’t like surprises then some party bags will most likely end up in the shop, but the retail price will be more that the monthly subscription.

Got an idea for a upcoming theme?

Brilliant, please get in touch with me on social media, you can find me on Instagram (@Sugarandsloth) or drop me an email at

Sugar & Sloth pin party subscription box