The Sweary Self-Care Colouring Book


An A4 colouring book filled with 36 sweary and motivational drawings for you to colour to your hearts content. This adult colouring book is printed on pleasingly thick 170gsm paper for a satisfying colouring experience.

** Please note this colouring book contains swear words (including a few f-bombs, and one c-bomb), and is for adult eyes only **

» How do you unwind?

As an introverted child I always confused my teachers by choosing to stay inside and colour, avoiding sports at all costs.

Colouring-in still brings me peace, an inner calm that even the most herbal of teas, or the bubbliest of baths can not bring about.

But now I’m an adult colouring books can be funny and sweary, which is a whole lot more fun and stress-relieving.

I created this colouring book for adult introverts like me, it’s a mix of humour, sarcasm and self-care.


This book contains 36 drawings and is printed on thick 170gsm paper for a pleasing colouring experience.

This colouring book is A4 size (210 × 297mm).

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