How to be Happy when things are Crappy

How to be Happy when things are Crappy

I'm here to remind you that crappy times will pass and happy times are just around the corner. In the meantime here are some ideas to entertain yourself:

❤️ Indoor Picnic ❤️
Get out that picnic rug and bottle of prosecco you were saving - it's indoor picnic time! Spread out the sausage rolls and no need to worry about the ants ?

❤️ Get Creative ❤️
I've added some more free colouring pages to download, including one to make you smile. If you don't have a printer there's an option to have me post them to you.

❤️ Eat Bread ❤️
Bread is the best. I fucking love bread. I will never take you for granted again sweet, sweet granary loaf.

❤️ Movie/ Bingo night with friends ❤️
Skype your best pal/s whilst watching your favourite movie together, extra points if you press play at exactly the same time. Or why not video chat whilst you make dinner, we can't physically see each other, but we can still 'get together' over a cuppa, or over a game of Bingo, download your cards here!

❤️ Don't wear a bra ❤️
Ok, not really an activity, but a definite highlight of my day!

❤️ Write a letter (or let me write it for you) ❤️
I can handwrite your cards and post them directly to your friend or fam, one less thing for you to worry about and no need to hunt for that illusive stamp you know you have somewhere.

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