How to be AMAZING at job interviews!

How to be AMAZING at job interviews!

Ooh, congratulations bestie, you've got a job interview!

Interviews can be really overwhelming, there's so much to try and remember, and you know you want to make a good first impression.

Even more so if it's for that dream job you've been chasing forever.

So how do you quell those interview nerves, and get through a whole hour of talking about all the amazing things about yourself?

We've been talking about this recently in the Besties Facebook group, and here's what they had to say.

What am I doing with my life?

1. Be prepared

Imagine you're being interviewed - what questions are you likely to be asked?

Write down and practice answers to these questions.

Some companies will have job criteria on their website, where you can familiarise yourself with what they're looking for and tailor your answers to demonstrate how you meet their criteria.


2. Do your research

Make sure you know about the company, what are their values, what's important to them, do they have a mission statement?

Does the big boss LOVE doughnuts, and can you just happen to turn up with a box? ;)


3. Be Yourself

The top piece of advice, from lots of besties, was to be yourself.

YOU applied for this job, and they want to interview YOU, and do you know why that is?

It's because you're pretty darn amazing, that's why!

Let that shine through and show the panel why you're the best person for the job.


4. Remember you can leave

Yup, that's absolutely right!

If you don't feel comfortable in an interview, or it's clear early on that this actually isn't the job for you, it's ok to politely say so, and leave.

Sometimes just remembering this can actually make it easier to have the confidence to stay!


5. Interviews are a two way street

You might feel like interviews are just about you being grilled, and that's definitely part of the process.

But remember you're also there to see what they can offer you as an employer, and whether you want to work for that company.

Have any questions you'd like to ask prepared, and be interested.

Not only will this help you decide if this is deffo the job for you, it'll make a super good impression too!


Do you have any top tips for interviews besties? I'd love to hear them if you do!

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