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What is Tiny Hug Club?

Tiny Hug Club is our monthly goodie box of exclusive enamel pins, stationery, cute things & oodles of serotonin just for YOU!

It's like a birthday, every month!

Pick from our Family Friendly box, or the After Dark Sweary Box.

Our next box opens to new members at 5pm (UK time) on Monday 5th August

Our August theme is Arnold in Wonderland!

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3 Plans to Choose From:

All boxes are family friendly with the option to add on an additional, sweary After Dark enamel pin.

Our Monthly Box

Our Zero-Commitment option:

A rolling monthly plan (£16 a box). No commitment, cancel anytime.

UK shipping is free.

Our Quarterly Plan

Our Most Popular option:

A rolling quarterly plan - £45 for 3 boxes, shipped monthly (£15 a box).

UK shipping is free.

Our Yearly Plan

Our Best Value option:

A rolling yearly plan - £168 for 12 boxes, shipped monthly (£14 a box).

UK shipping is free.

Tiny Hug Club opens to new members

Our monthly pin & stationery boxes of happiness!









Tiny Hug Club is SOLD OUT!

What will be inside my box?

All Tiny Hug Club goodies are brand new, so you won't have seen them in the shop, or anywhere else.

Each box contains 1 or 2 enamel pins (depending on the box type you choose) and 4-5 stationery / cute things.

Family Friendly boxes contain designs that can be enjoyed by all ages - no swear words at all in these boxes!

Every box is designed around a super cute theme, which club members suggest and vote for in the Tiny Hug Club Facebook group each month (don't worry if you're not on Facebook, I send an email too).

Mar 24: Anti-Anxiety Axolotls

Watch the unboxing video

Feb 24: Mindful Turtles

Watch the unboxing video here

Jan 24: Ernest the Sloth of Self-Care

Watch the unboxing video here

Dec 23: Cats Drinking Cocoa

Watch the unboxing video here

Nov 23: Owl Observatory

Watch the unboxing video here

Oct 23: Arnold the Dinosaur goes Trick or Treating

Watch the unboxing video here

Sept 23: Emotional Support Potato

Watch the unboxing video here

Aug 23: Anti-social Butterflies Box

Watch the unboxing video here

July 23: Combat Wombats

Watch the unboxing video here

June 23: PRIDE of Lions

Watch the unboxing video here

May 23: Bats in Balaclavas

Watch the unboxing video here

Apr 23: Field Mouse Fun House

Watch the unboxing video

Mar 23: Fairytale Frogs

Watch the unboxing video

Feb 23: Rabbits in Rainboots

Watch the unboxing video

Jan 23: Axolotl Anarchy

Watch the unboxing video

As a part of Tiny Hug Club, you'll also get...


A new wallpaper and colouring sheet to download each month, plus access to all the previous month's downloads!


A 10% discount on everything at


Shop exclusive products and sales 24hrs before anyone else.


Access to the Private Facebook Group, to vote for and suggest upcoming box themes.

What Tiny Hug Club Members are saying...


Tiny hugs mean the most

Honestly, each time one of these little boxes of awesome gets popped through my door, I squee a little out loud! Best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I think everyone should get one! Self care is important and YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Susan Inglis

Best thing EVER!!

Literally a tiny hug, packaged beautifully and posted through your letterbox. Cute, humorous and a little cheeky. Everything you could need to turn a gloomy day, in to a sunny one!

Nikki Kent

Love it!!

So happy I've been able to get my first box, they're incredible!
Everything is so cute!



The tiny hug club box is the best pick me up ever. I now have my lanyards to put all my lovely badges on.


Joy in a box

It's called tiny hug, but it's actually a massive hug. It gives my teen a great big lift when it arrives.

Everything is both beautiful and full of understanding and purpose.
The team are amazing and always beyond helpful.

Hannah Foss