How to manage travel anxiety

How to manage travel anxiety

Ugh, you know that feeling when it's the night before a trip somewhere new, and your mind is racing?

How will you get there?

What if there are delays?

Will you get lost forever navigating the trains?

Luckily, the besties in our Sugar & Sloth Bestie Facebook Group are here to help with their top tips for beating travel anxiety.

I Want To Leave

1. Know where to go! 

  • Plan your route to your destination to a T, know what platform you have to be on and for what time. 
  • Write a plan of how to get to/from my destination, including the names of stations etc and how long things will take. 
  • Make sure you know the times of the next train or bus, just in case you miss the first one.

2. Ask for help  

  • Station staff are always very helpful too if you need assistance. 
  • Don't be afraid to double, triple check with a member of staff. -If there’s a receptionist or security guard at the place you’re going, they can help with directions, or even getting you a cab. 
  • Don't be afraid to ask strangers for help, how would you feel if someone asked for directions? You'd be happy to help right :)

3. Driven to Distraction  

  • Bring everything you can need to make your journey more comfortable. -
  • Snacks are a great way to distract yourself if you're feeling anxious. -
  • You could also bring fidget toys, a colouring book or a cuddly toy, anything that keeps your hands busy is great.

4. Familiarise yourself with your new surroundings 

  • Use Street View (you can even walk any routes on street view). 
  • Go on Google maps and zoom into street level, ‘walk around’ and see what landmarks there are, (the name of a pub near where I need to turn and stuff like that). 
  • Have a back up plan for getting home, just in case, like a phone number for a taxi, or local friends number.

Do you have any words of advice for anyone struggling with travel anxiety?

Thank you for being so lovely bestie butts, love you! 🥰

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