Doing Scary Stuff: How to Cope With Social Anxiety When Answering Calls

Doing Scary Stuff: How to Cope With Social Anxiety When Answering Calls

We’ve all been there – the phone rings, and instead of answering it, you silently pray that the caller will hang up before your voicemail picks up.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you might, like me, have social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a condition characterized by fear or stress in social situations, especially when talking on the phone.

It can be debilitating, but with a few handy tips, you can learn how to manage it and answer calls like a pro!

The Phone Stays Silent: How to Cope With Social Anxiety When Answering Calls

Identify Your Triggers

The first step in managing your social anxiety when answering calls is understanding what triggers it in the first place.

Is it the sound of the ringing phone?

The fear of speaking on the phone?

Or something else?

Once you have identified your triggers, you can figure out how to tackle them one-by-one.

Practice Makes Perfect

If your anxiety is triggered by speaking on the phone, then practice makes perfect!

Ask a friend or family member to call you and help you work through your fears by practicing conversation over the phone.

If possible, try to simulate real-world scenarios such as taking orders at work or making appointments with clients.

This will help boost your confidence when answering calls and make it easier for you to manage your anxiety in future conversations.

Be Proactive

Don’t let anxiety take control – be proactive instead!

Prepare yourself before each call so that you know what to expect and are better able to handle any surprises that may come up during the conversation.

Writing down key points beforehand can also help keep track of topics discussed during a call, which can be useful if there are any follow-up questions or tasks afterwards.

Taking deep breaths or practise grounding exercises before each call can also help calm nerves and reduce stress levels.

Being able to answer calls confidently is an important part of life—especially if you’re working remotely or running a business from home.

While dealing with social anxiety when answering calls can be daunting at times, it’s not impossible!

With some practice and preparation, anyone can learn how to manage their anxieties and become an ace caller in no time!

So next time the phone rings, don’t be afraid — you got this!

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