Our Privacy Policy

At Sugar & Sloth we take your privacy very seriously.

We have tried hard to keep our privacy policy written in plain English, but if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us by emailing hello@sugarandsloth.co.uk and we will be happy help.

Our website sugarandsloth.co.uk collects information on you, our customer, in two ways:

1. The information you manually provide to us when you make a purchase from our shop, fill out our contact form or sign up to our email newsletter. This information can be tied directly to you because it may contact your name, email address etc.

2. The information that is collected by our third party partners. These partners are Google Analytics, Paypal & Mail Chimp.

The types of information collected here include things like which pages are visited on our website and how you opt into our email newsletter. Generally our third party partners only give us information in a format that cannot be linked directly to you. For example Google Analytics will let us see how many visits a particular website page has, but we will not know who has visited this page. Information like this is gathered with the use of cookies, and we use it for things like improving the design of our website.

Sometimes we receive information for our third party partners that is linked directly to you. An example of this is when a customer pays for an order using Paypal, we do not receive any credit card information, this remains safely stored within Paypal, but we do receive the information we need to fulfill your order, like your name & address.

We do not pass this information on to anybody else, and will only contact you with information about your order, for example to let you know your order has shipped.

We will not market to you unless you have given us your express permission to do so, by signing up to our email newsletter.

When you sign up to our email newsletter each email you receive will give you the option to automatically unsubscribe from this list. If you have any problems with this please feel free to email us at hello@sugarandsloth.co.uk and we will be happy to remove you from our email list. We'll be sad, but we'll act like grown-ups, I promise.

We protect your information by having SSL security installed on our website.

That's the green padlock you can see next to out web address and by taking payments through Paypal so we never know your credit card number.

If at any time you would like to know exactly what information Sugar & Sloth has that is directly attributable to you, please feel free to contact us at any time by emailing hello@sugarandsloth.co.uk and we will be happy help.

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