Emotional Support Frog Tool Kit


Your Emotional Support Frog has a very special power.

Each frog is baked with an affirmation inside them, written with an ink that spreads into the clay. This positive energy will radiate out into your home.

Give them a little pat for an extra burst of froggy emotional support whenever you need it.

Your Emotional Support Frog kit contains:

1 x clay Emotional Support Frog in his own little matchbox bed.

1 x Let It All Out notepad (A6)

1 x A6 How are you feeling Journal

1 x ‘My Emotional Support Frog doesn’t like you’ pen

1 x ‘My Emotional Support Frog said I don’t have to’ 44mm button badge.

2 x Frog Affirmation Postcards

1 x Emotional Support Frog info card



Frog statues have been used for centuries to cleanse old emotions and fear-based mentalities.

Frogs represent renewal and rebirth of the self, their quick movement helps us to do the same and not get held back in the past or on emotions that no longer serve us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dory Jolin
Perfect Support Frog

I ordered the Emotional Support Frog Tool Kit for myself. I thought it was just what I needed as I deal with a chronic disease.
My Emotional Frog arrived the very same day that my 10 year old daughter was having a very hard Japanese language lesson. As she was crying and feeling down on herself I knew the Emotional Frog Tool kit would be perfect for her. Frogs are her favorite. It was the perfect gift for her.
Now I’m on the lookout for another Emotional Frog Support Kit for myself. If it hops back into stock.
I appreciate and love all the healing fun you offer. So grateful!


Such a cute little frog, it's nice to touch when you just want a bit of support.


The whole concept of this is amazing, having your own little frog with your choice of affirmation does help when you're feeling you need a little bit of support. As always the stationary is of the highest quality and the badge is so cute.

Kim Dyer
Super cute

So adorable and unique! I love my froggo and his associated goodie box.

Teresa Tucker
Little green frog

I love my emotional support frog. He'll come in handy as I am a mess myself. My little sister oohed out loud when she saw my frog. I think she likes him. Love the tools that came with him. Blessings they are, Thank you!!

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