Harold the You Can Do Hard Things Hamster Kit


This kit contains everything you need to Do Hard Things. Including your very own clay Harold the Emotional Support Hamster.

The “You Can Do Hard Things” kit contains:

  • A handpainted clay Harold the Hamster to pat for an extra boost of confidence, Harold believes in you!
  • A guided leaflet to talk you through goal setting the hamster way, and using this kit to achieve your goal!
  • An A6 Goal planning notepad
  • Small Steps sticky notes (for breaking down your goals)
  • An “I can do hard things” hamster pen
  • A motivational Harold postcard
  • A reward badge, for when you do the hard thing!

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Customer Reviews

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Debby McPhee

Harold the You Can Do Hard Things Hamster Kit

Helpful and adorable

This box is super helpful as well as totally adorable. I love to look at my little clay Harold the hamster along with the motivational badge everyday. Writing down your goals on the notepad and sticky notes is very useful, also to look back at how far you’ve come. All of the stationary has got cute animals on and amazing inspirational quotes which adds to the support. I even appreciated reading the leaflet that gives you a great example of how all goals should be ‘hamster.’ A great gift for hamster lovers and anyone who needs a little pick me up (even if it’s yourself!)

Katherine Peters

We all need a Harold, he's cute (about 1-2cms max) but he's worth it!

Laura Morgan
Love love love it

Being a hamster nut there was no way I wasn’t getting this set! So far I’ve got them all laid out on desk and my hammy has pride and place on my bedside table and goes in my pocket everyday! The set is awesome and helps me achieve things but seeing them out in plan format!

Sarah Fogarty
Love this hamster kit so much!

I was so excited to receive my hamster kit, he keeps me company at work in the office and helps me with my anxiety! Such a lovely gift for someone too.

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