Are you feeling anxious about lockdown easing?

Are you feeling anxious about lockdown easing?

If the thought of a crowded pub or busy train makes you break into a cold sweat and want to crawl back into bed, you’re not alone.

Please remember that just because the world is starting to go back to socialising, doesn’t mean you have to do anything you aren’t ready for. This is not something you should feel guilty about.

Maybe you’ve discovered some things you love about lockdown, and want to keep them in your life, that’s ok.

Here’s a few other things that are completely fine too:

  • You achieved nothing in lockdown.
    So you didn’t become an expert baker, or learn Chinese? But you survived a super scary time none of us could have ever dreamt would become a reality, and that’s incredible.
  • You look physically different after lockdown.
    Your body & hair have changed, right? It’s ok, and completely normal. Please be kind to yourself, and thank your body for all the things it allows you to do every day. Personally I think I'm really rocking my lopsided bob :D
  • You’ve realised seeing some people less often is better for your mental health.
    This does not make you a bad person, have a think about how you can set boundaries with these people.
  • You really missed some people, and can’t wait to give them a massive hug!
    Yay, I hope you can give them a huge cuddle very soon.

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