Are you waiting for permission?

Are you waiting for permission?

Do you know how I became an illustrator?

It wasn't when I started creating art.

It wasn't when I started sharing and selling my drawings.

I became an illustrator the day I told people I was an illustrator.

I remember that day really clearly.

I was on a course for my day job (it was before I did Sugar & Sloth full time). I didn't know anyone else there.

There were people from all walks of life, and we had to tell everyone a bit about ourselves.

Swiftly followed by some cringy ice breakers (ew).

I told everyone I was an illustrator. Then I held my breath.

Were they going to laugh?

Were they going to realise I was a fake (hello imposter syndrome)?

Who was I, to be the very thing I so desperately wanted to be?

But no, they just accepted it, I mean, why would they even care?

And I realised it was ME, standing in my own way, not allowing myself to be what I truly wanted to be.

How often do we do this to ourselves?

How often do we listen to that little voice inside ourselves that says

"Oh no, I'm not brave enough / strong enough / attractive enough...?"

Don't spend your life waiting for permission to be the things you so desperately want to be, you might just discover you are all those things already!

We don't serve anyone by playing small.

And if you do need permission, here's your very own Fairy Frog Mother, she's ready to wave her magic wand, and grant your permission slip!

Sending you love & hugs, Anita x


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