Brand New Year, Brand New Selfish Me

Brand New Year, Brand New Selfish Me

This year, I’m on a mission to encourage you to be SELFISH.


Unapologetically, boundary-obsessed, SELFISH!

Here are a couple of great reasons to set some selfish New Year's Resolutions this year…

  • Prioritising your own needs sets a great example to those around you, and allows them permission to do the same.
  • Making sure your needs are met means a happier, emotionally stronger you. You’ll be in a great place to help, support, and cheer on others (as long as it’s within your boundaries of course).

Here are some great, and SELFISH New Year’s resolutions.

1. Channel My Inner Gandalf

Resolution: I'm turning into the wizard of saying "no" – 'You shall not pass' if you're not bringing joy into my life.

Politely declining with a smile, because my time is precious. Sorry, not sorry!

2. I AM the Star!

Resolution: Celebrating victories like I just won a gold medal.

From nailing a project to conquering IKEA, I'm the star of my own show, and the applause is well-deserved.

3. Comfort Upgrade Extravaganza - Pillow Forts, Anyone?

Resolution: Transforming my space into a comfort haven.

Whether it's a mattress upgrade, cozy blankets, or clothes that feel like a hug, I'm turning comfort into an art form.

4. Unfollow Drama, Follow Puppies

Resolution: Crafting a social media feed that sparks joy.

Unfollowing what doesn't vibe with my happiness, because a scroll should bring smiles, not stress.

5. Priority Alert: 'Me' Time Zone

Resolution: I'm officially making 'me' time a non-negotiable.

Whether it's cozying up with a book or having a Netflix marathon in my PJs, it's all about me and my happy place.

6. Boundaries – No Justification, Just Sass

Resolution: Setting boundaries without an explanation. If you need a reason, here's a healthy serving of sass – it's all the explanation you're getting.

7. Minimalist Mastery – Decluttering and DGAF

Resolution: Mastering the art of minimalism and DGAF attitude. If it doesn't spark joy or serve a purpose, it's out – and I won't lose any sleep over it.

8. Radical Authenticity – Unfiltered and Unapologetic

Resolution: Embracing radical authenticity. No more filters, no more pretending – just the unfiltered, unapologetic version of me, flaws and all. Take it or leave it.

9. Mystery Mode – Reveling in Unpredictability

Resolution: I accept that I don't have to have it all figured out. I don't have to have a perfect plan. Or even a "pl", it's ok to just be me, and see where this year takes me.

10. Passion Pursuit Without Apology:

Resolution: Giving myself the green light to dive into my passions guilt-free.

Whether it's art, gaming, or just cloud-watching, I'm all in for what makes my heart happy.

11. The Selfish Self-Love Champion

Resolution: I will wear the title of a selfish self-love champion proudly.

Because putting myself first is not selfish; it's just good old-fashioned self-love.

Here's to a year of self-love indulgence and spreading those good vibes! 🌟

Are you setting a selfish resolution this year?

Let me know what it is so I can cheer you on.


  • Gillian Rouse

    Heyyyy loverly xxx well this is my New Year’s resolution too !!! …. I’ve started already , announced to my family loud and proud that this year is all about meeeeee …. I’ve ordered new bedroom furniture that suits me, I’ve booked a Christmas away break that suits me, I’ve even been shopping and bought all the Nick nacs that would normally see me quivering in fear to even ask if I could buy such things , I just went and bought them …. Phewwww , it’s exhausting but I love it !! I’ve had 2 breakdowns in the past 19 years I’m such a people pleaser, anxiety is awful sooo this is gonna be my year , I love how you have divided it into parts and I tick every single one … onwards 2024 , awaiting the shock and horror on peoples faces when a big fat NO starts to come there way xxxx
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Woohoo, I LOVE this so much! 2024 WILL be your year lovely, and it sounds like you’ve started it exactly as you mean to continue, go you! I hope you enjoy your new furniture, your break away, and all the other lovely stuff coming your way this year :) xx

  • Laura

    These are all so wonderful and will contribute to bossing my anxiety around instead of it bossing me. Number 2: I never really thought about this. I work in such a fire fighting mode environment, that I am just happy to get something completed so I can move on to the next thing. I will now make sure I allot appropriate amounts of time to celebrating these victories, big and small! Thank you for the inspiration!
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Oh yay! You’re amazing, I hope you have a year full of lovely victories! Thank you so much for your support xx

  • Rose

    It’s almost like you’ve prised open my Brain, pulled out and translated the messy spaghetti over-thinking, hoping to dare begin to believe….

    The only happiness I am responsible for is my own. I mean no harm to others, I’m happy emphasising that caveat. My intention is to learn how to create safe spaces ~ starting with my Mind. Self-care that feels like punishment will not turn into a sustainable habit.

    Thanks Anita et Team
    For saying important things in fun ways that support. 🥰😻❤️
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Aww, thank you so much lovely, I’m so pleased these resolutions resonated with you!

    I LOVE the idea of making your mind a safe space, that’s amazing!

    Wishing you the most wonderful 2024 :) xx

  • Sara

    OMG I love this, and am going to try to adopt all of it :) The one I will have to work hardest on is no.8 – I have a habit of apologising for everything, even if it’s not really my fault, to try and keep the peace. I really need to stop doing this cos in my head I then do take responsibility for whatever it was I apologised for and worry about it. I also plan to focus very hard on doing less housework and more of the stuff I enjoy, and to not feel like I’m doing something I don’t deserve to cos I haven’t ‘earned’ it. You know, typing this really brings home how complicated I make life for myself! Less overthinking, more enjoying the moment, right? Thanks for this Anita x
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Hi lovely, Aww I’m so pleased you love the resolutions – I’m absolutely there with you about apologising for everything, I’m gonna try and stop too!

    I hope you have loads of lovely moments to enjoy this year lovely – you deserve them whether you “earn” them or not! x

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