Let's play Mental Health Week Self-Care Bingo!

Let's play Mental Health Week Self-Care Bingo!

Hi Besties,

It's mental health week this week, to celebrate let's play Self-Care Bingo!!!!!!

I've popped together this bingo card of mini challenges, with BIG impacts! 💜

Can you get a line over the week?

Up, Down, Diagonal, it all counts!

Or you could even go wild and attempt a FULL HOUSE!

Please share photo of your mini challenges to show you're taking part, and we'll pick 10 winners next week and send you prizes. 

Please tag me in your photos!

💜 On Instagram @sugarandsloth
💙 On our Sugar & Sloth Facebook page
❤️ On TikTok @sugarandsloth

Of course I'll be sharing mine each day too :)

Anita x

PS - Although you are very welcome to, please don't feel you have to share anything personal, like your letter to yourself, instead you could share a blank piece of paper and pen to represent your letter.

Bonus points for sharing this image too so more besties can take part.

Love you!

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