New Year's Resolutions you should actually make

New Year's Resolutions you should actually make

Hi Bestie,

New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t be about denying yourself something you love, or dragging yourself up at 5am for a run in the dark (no thanks!).

They should be about adding small, sustainable habits to your life that will make a big difference.

New Year’s Resolutions you should actually make:

Start your day with a glass of water
Rehydrating your body and brain is a great way to start the day.

Leave small self-love notes for yourself
Discovering these throughout the month, in books, inside food packets, and coat pockets will make your day a tiny bit brighter.

Be kind to yourself
You are trying your best, and deserve kind words of encouragement from your best friend, you! Come up with a phrase and say it outlaid to yourself every morning. How about “I’m rising above the thoughts that are trying to make me angry or afraid.”

Go to sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual
Ooof, I know I don’t get enough sleep, and I probably don’t need that whole hour of scrolling Instagram before bed… Maybe… :)

Banish your negative thoughts
Working with these rainbow frogs and their cute worksheets will help you build up resilience to negative thoughts, don’t give up, the key to this therapy technique is practise!

Pick any one of these New Year’s Resolutions (or more if you’re feeling up to the challenge), and stick with them for 3 months, I promise you will notice a positive change in your life!

Sending you love & hugs,
Anita x

PS. You don’t have to change yourself to like yourself.

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