Reasons to Forgive Yourself

Reasons to Forgive Yourself
Hi Bestie,

You know that mistake that makes you groan internally every time you think about it?

That regret that pops into your brain late at night, just when you're trying to drift off?

Instead of pushing the feeling away, the best thing to do is give it some serious thinking time.

Invite it in and sit it down for tea.

If you don't, it will just keep knocking at the door.

Everything is gonna be ok

Make sure it's nice and comfy, pour out the tea, and relive it.

Give yourself a set amount of time to mull it over.

Next, think about all the reasons you should forgive yourself.

I asked our very own Bestie Facebook Group for some reasons to forgive yourself, here are just a few:

  • Because you wouldn't be who you are today without your past.
  • Because you would forgive other people for doing many of these things - so you should be that kind to you too
  • Because you learn from your mistakes and they help you grow stronger.
  • Because you're human.
  • Because if you carry it with you, it stops being past.
  • They belong to the past, which can’t be changed. You belong to the present and the future, which can.

You can find even more here.

After you've given that regret some time and make a list of reasons why you should forgive yourself.

NOW THAT'S IT, no more time thinking about it or letting it interrupt you when you least expect it.


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