Dealing with Sunday Night Blues

Dealing with Sunday Night Blues

If Sunday nights put you into a bit of a slump you’re not alone.
Sunday night and Monday mornings are the most common times to feel anxious in the week. Even if you like your job, this could stem from childhood school dread. Here’s some tips on feeling a little better about the coming week. And if you work shifts or unusual patterns, you can modify these tips for you own working week.

  • Mine’s the Singapore Noodles

    Break up your week with a fun treat or activity, even it’s just a walk with a friend or takeaway, something to look forward to before the next weekend can really help.

  • But What If?

    A lot of anxiety comes from focusing on ‘What Ifs’. Write a list of everything you are worried about. It may not be as scary when it’s out of your brain and onto paper.

  • Taco… Sunday?

    Sunday night can be just as fun as Friday night, plan a Taco or Film night to make sure you don’t spend the whole night worrying about the week to come.

  • Forgive Yourself

    Sometimes it’s not dread of the coming week, but sadness that we didn’t ‘make the most’ of the weekend. If you didn’t cross everything off your to-so list, forgive yourself, you’re only human.

  • Fuck It

    If you’re feeling really overwhelmed it may time to consider a change, even having a solid plan to move on from a job you hate, say in a year, can help you carry on in the meantime.

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