Why the Digital Detox is so damn toxic

Why the Digital Detox is so damn toxic

Hi Bestie!

Let's chat about something we've all considered at one point – the social media detox.

It's like declaring a timeout from the virtual world, hoping for a mental reset.

But, spoiler alert, it doesn't always play out as smoothly as we envision, well, it didn't for me anyway.

Loneliness, FOMO, and a rebound effect that hits harder than a Sunday evening.

Instead of ghosting your online life, I propose a different solution.

The Loneliness Tango

Imagine hitting the pause button on social media.

Sounds peaceful, right?

Well, when I tried it, I did not find inner peace, for me, it felt like stepping away from a cosy morning coffee with friends and finding myself in an empty room.

The isolation crept in, and so did the FOMO.

I felt like I was missing out.

Who knew my daily scroll was like a comforting chat with a bunch of besties?

I even started to miss the feeds of pages I didn't know in person, the ones who don't even know I exist!

Hi, Selfish Mother! -  The moment I stopped my daily scroll Molly packed in her daily life running a small business, and jets off around the world, whaaat?!

The Binge-Worthy Rebound

Successfully complete the social media detox, and then what?

You waltz back into the scene only to be greeted by a flood of posts, updates, and memes.

It's like returning from holiday to find a pile of unread letters, and an overflowing inbox. 

Suddenly, you're caught in a digital whirlwind, and clarity seems like a distant dream.

The Solution: Feed TLC

Before you think about ghosting your online life, consider this – a little (or a LOT of) TLC for your feed.

Unfollow the negativity, mute the drama (they will never know), and make your digital space a cozy corner of the internet.

It's not about cutting ties but about nurturing a space that lifts you up.

Taking control of your feed is like tending to a garden.

Prune away the unnecessary, plant seeds of positivity, and watch your online space blossom.

Follow accounts that bring joy, inspire you, and make you feel like you're part of a supportive community.

So, instead of waving goodbye to social media like it's a toxic ex, let's give it a warm hug and a little makeover.

Loneliness, FOMO, and post-detox chaos are no match for a gently curated feed.

Take it easy, tidy up, and let your online world become a garden of happiness.

Your digital self will thank you for it!

My IG, TikTok and Facebook feeds are now happy and colourful places to be.

Although, I did end up f**king off Twitter for good, as it doesn't give you the same control over your feed as the others. 

Have you ever considered, or done, a digital detox?

Let me know!


  • Laura

    I love this idea, I think I’d already subconsciously started doing this, and you’ve definitely made me feel better about muting posts from people I don’t want to see! Thank you Anita <3
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Ooh I do love that mute button Laura! Please don’t ever feel bad about using your social media in the way that works best for you :) x

  • Tiz

    I think some people fail to recognise that we are all different and just because we might have had different experiences or opinions doesn’t mean either person is wrong. I am autistic and my take on this is that my online connections are the most sustainable and low pressure because I have control over how I interact with them, there is no expectation of eye contact, most communication is typed so I can consider and word my responses carefully for clarity etc. I function fine in the real world – I am ‘neurotypical passing’ but it is draining.

    My online community involves very real and significant connections and care for each other. Closing that off would feel like a loss and not do me any good.
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Hi lovely, this is such a good point, nurturing our online communities can be such a vital part of our lives. I’m so pleased you have lovely people online that you care for and vice versa! :) x

  • Alison

    So glad I’m not the only one who has found this helpful. Being a mum of two small children, life can get very lonely when you can’t go out on an evening, but curating my instagram feed to include only people who make me happy or inspire me has given me a whole new community! Yes social media has its downsides, but it’s here to stay and we might as well embrace its positive points when we can.
    PS I find the above comment quite amusingly ironic!
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Ooh that’s such a good point Alison, it sure doesn’t look like social media is going anywhere any time soon! I’m so happy you’ve found a lovely community on instagram <3 x

  • Frances

    I love this I’m not on twitter no more as was to stressful and can’t really work out instergrame

    But I’ve been on Facebook since it began and it’s only now I’ve started dealing the negative aspects of it I tryed to give it up but as I’m on my own alot at home it made me feel like I was connected to others and the outside world but I still get some negativity from it so need to work out how to stop that completly
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Hi lovely, well done on sticking to the type of social media that works best for you! Facebook can deffo be a great way of staying connected, it can take time to get your feed looking exactly how you like it but it’s so worth it :) x

  • Evelyn

    It’s not “toxic”

    The fact that you felt the need to read everything when you came back is a sign you need help.

    Also, the advice of un following the negativity, yeah, that’s good, but don’t come here and say that having a break from social media, having a digital life, and not nurturing the real life outside led screens is toxic.

    I know this comment won’t get approved as you need to check it first but I don’t care, this is for you. Get help.
    Sugar and Sloth replied:
    Hi Evelyn,

    Thank you for your comment 😊

    Have you had a positive experience with a digital detox?

    I’d love to hear about it.

    Hugs, Anita x

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