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Brand New Year, Brand New Selfish Me
This year, I’m on a mission to encourage you to be SELFISH. Yup. Unapologetically, boundary-obsessed, SELFISH! Here are a couple of great reasons to set some selfish New Year's Resolutions this year… Prioritising your own needs sets a great example...
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How to Break Free from Overthinking
Bleh, I am a pro at overthinking: the art of creating problems that aren't even there. Ever catch yourself lost in the maze of your own thoughts?Here are some tips for breaking free 🐸1. Mindfulness and Present Moment Awareness:Take a...
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Reasons to Forgive Yourself
Hi Bestie, You know that mistake that makes you groan internally every time you think about it? That regret that pops into your brain late at night, just when you're trying to drift off? Instead of pushing the feeling away,...
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