**Crowdfunder** Set of Three T-Shirts **Crowdfunder** Be The Weird You Want To See In The World T-Shirt - Princess Axolotl **Crowdfunder** Anxious But Alive T-Shirt - Simon the Axolotl **Crowdfunder** All The Best People Have A Soft Toy Support System T-Shirt - Ernest the Sloth of Self-Care All New Set of 6 Wooden Eco Pins


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Fun goodies to ease anxiety & support you to live your best life. All created by UK artist, Anita Perry.

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Frogs for Unkind Days

Always keep a tin of rainbow frogs in your pocket, to banish negative thoughts on those unkind days.

Emotional Support Frog Kit Mental Health Self Care Stationery Set

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Cuthbert, The Slug of Self-Love Toolkit Magical Mindset Kit: Your Affirmations Adventure Awaits Emotional Support Potato Kit - Tools to cope with Worry & Stress My Bumper Anxiety Toolkit My Anxiety Toolkit

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