Making Mistakes - what to do when we mess up

Making mistakes is part of life

We all know how it feels when we realise we've made a mistake: that heart sinking, panic ridden "Ohhhh shit" moment isn't fun!

I made a mistake myself recently, and I shared in the bestie group, and the besties, as always, were soooo lovely.

You had so much lovely support and advice that I wanted to pop a little "What to do when you've fucked up" guide together for you <3

Just Keep Paddling

Own It

Ok, so, you've made a mistake.

The first step is to take a deep breath and OWN UP.

By saying out loud what you've done, you've taken the first step to fixing it.


Don't be so hard on yourself

Imagine it was your partner, or sister, or colleague, or even that person you see on the bus every Tuesday afternoon - you know, the one with the really cool shoes - who'd made the mistake.

Would you be as hard on them as you're being on yourself right now?

The chances are that you wouldn't.

You'd be kind, and emphasize, and want to do what you could to help.

So try and direct those feelings towards yourself.

Remember, you're only human, and part of being human is fucking up.


Talk to others

You know, there's this amazing thing that happens if you start talking about your mistakes.

Other people are REALLY happy to share theirs!

That time you sent 20 sweaters out with all the sizes mixed up (that was us!)?

When you sent a VERY IMPORTANT email with the wrong info on and having to frantically send another correcting it (yup, me again!)?

Or perhaps you're having a brain fog kinda day and answered the phone with "biscuits" instead of just saying hello (ok this one wasn't me, but I totally wish it was!)?

I can guarantee that sharing your experiences will make you feel so much better, and you may even be able to laugh about what you've done.


Fix what you can - and learn from what you can't

If you can fix your mistake, great!

If fixing it means asking for help, that's perfectly acceptable too.

Sometimes though, we can't fix it when we fuck up.

That's also ok, just take some time to reflect on what happened, think about what you could do to prevent it happening again, take a deep breath, and move on with your day.

And remember, as a wise person (no idea who that may have been 😉) once said, "Making mistakes doesn't take away from your self worth".

Love you SO MUCH besties, thank you for making me feel better when I've made mistakes xx

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